Are Stroller Wagons Allowed on Airplanes

Are Stroller Wagons Allowed on Airplanes – What Kind of it Allowed?

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Are you a parent or caregiver planning a trip with your little ones and wondering if stroller wagons are allowed on airplanes? With the various rules and regulations surrounding air travel, keeping up can be difficult. Moreover, if stroller wagons are permitted, what kind is allowed? 

Stroller wagons have become increasingly popular among parents due to their convenience and versatility. However, not all airlines allow them on their flights. 

This blog post will clarify whether stroller wagons are allowed on airplanes and what type is permitted. Without delay, let’s check it out.

Are Stroller Wagons Allowed on Airplanes?

Yes, stroller wagons are allowed at airports. Some airlines allow children under two years old to bring a collapsible stroller and car seat at no additional cost, but these must be checked before boarding the plane. 

Additionally, some carriers may allow passengers to bring an infant bassinet or other baby item onboard depending on space availability; however, policies vary by airline, so it is important to check with your specific carrier before travel.

Stroller wagons are becoming increasingly popular for parents who want an alternative to a traditional stroller. Fortunately, these stroller wagons are allowed on airplanes, which makes travel much easier and more convenient for families with young children.

Alaska Airlines Wagon Policy

Alaska Airlines Wagon Policy

Alaska Airlines has a generous wagon policy that allows passengers to bring their own wagons on board the aircraft, as long as they meet certain requirements. These include having an overall size of no more than 62 inches (length + width + height), weighing no more than 50 pounds, and being collapsible for easy stowage in the overhead bin or under seats.

Additionally, wagons must be securely held together with rope or straps when checked at the ticket counter.

Alaska Airlines also offers a range of child-specific wheeled items such as umbrella strollers and car seats to accommodate young travelers.

What Kind of Strollers are Allowed on Airplanes?

What Kind of Strollers are Allowed on Airplanes?

Most airlines allow collapsible strollers to be taken on board the aircraft, provided they are checked in as part of your luggage allowance.

Generally speaking, these strollers must fold up or collapse into a smaller size and typically measure at most 40 inches (101 cm) long by 16 inches (41 cm) wide. Some larger models may also be acceptable if they can fit through the x-ray machine at airport security. 

In addition, some airlines also provide gate check service for strollers, allowing you to have them stored away until you arrive at your destination. It is always best to contact your airline before departure for specific details about their policies regarding bringing a stroller onto an aeroplane. You can also learn to Hang a Stroller in the Garage Step By Step Guide.

Flying With a Stroller Wagon

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Check a Wagon As a Stroller Southwest?

Yes, you can check a wagon as a stroller on Southwest Airlines. When packing your wagon for travel, it must be packed in an approved suitcase or box; this helps protect the contents and makes transportation easier. 

Can You Take a Folding Wagon on a Plane Delta?

Yes, you can take a folding wagon on a plane with Delta. Foldable wagons no larger than 45 linear inches (length + width + height) and weighing less than 50 lbs can be checked as bulky baggage for an additional fee of $75 per item (plus applicable taxes).

If the size and weight restrictions are met, the folding wagon must be able to fit in a standard-size baggage compartment or overhead bin.

Can I Use a Wagon Instead of a Stroller?

Yes, it is possible to use a wagon instead of a stroller. Wagons offer more seating and storage space than traditional strollers, making them ideal for larger families or those who need to transport multiple items for their children. 

However, you should know that wagons don’t provide the same comfort as a standard stroller. You may consider bringing an additional cushion or blanket if your child needs extra support when riding in the wagon.


Overall, stroller wagons are allowed on airplanes in most cases. They are checked items, so you must check them in with the other bags when boarding your flight. Some airlines may have restrictions around the size or weight of the wagon, so it is best to contact the airline before your trip for more information. 

Taking a stroller wagon on an aeroplane can be very helpful for families travelling with young children who need their own space and comfort during their travels.

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