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The Answer Is Right Here: do you need a stroller for newborn

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Yes, of course, you need a stroller! If you want to explore your day-to-day work comfortably with your baby, you need it! Interestingly, you can use a baby stroller to carry your shopping items too. Also, you can give your baby a safe and comfortable ride while you are in the outing mess!

So, are you a new mom? Are you getting scared of your mom-hood? Oh! You are then at the perfect palace where you can nearly get all consolidation!

Do not understand? Let me share my opinion about the baby stroller, and how I dealt with this for my little kiddos-

Can a stroller be used for newborns?

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It depends on the stroller type and your baby’s comfortable feel. Though your newborn never can express does she or he feels inside the stroller, still you may observe to ensure your baby is feeling good inside of the Pushchairs or Buggies. 

If the stroller has a fully reclining option so that you can make a fully flat position to lie your newborn, it can be used for the newborns. Also, see the inner spaces of this baby rider. If the stroller is enough roomy, you have to use a role-type pillow or blanket roll both sides of your newborn so that your baby stays tightly in a firm position inside here.

Advantages of using a stroller for newborns

Advantages of using a stroller for newborns

A stroller for the newborn brings lots of convenience and comfort ness both for the babies and the parents. For the newbie mom, often it becomes a matter of confusion about how they can be benefited from the baby stroller. However, few accessories are like Newborn essentials and the stroller is one of these. How? Let’s read the why-


The first reason why you should use the baby stroller is to make your stuff convenient. Let me clarify what I mean. When I was with my newborn, as nobody was to assist with my work, it was very tough to handle my baby and control all regular work. So at that time, my grandma suggests bringing a new stroller. 

Relatively all major works like shopping, doing homework, and walking in a park-all you could do with your newborn if you give your newborn a comfortable ride inside the stroller. Another critical convenience you should know, the baby stroller has enough space at its bottom. So while you are taking this baby carrier at your shopping, it can hold your shopping packages aside from riding the baby. 

Comfort for baby

A Baby stroller not only makes you able to explore your real world. The Newborn stroller also offers comfortable riding for your baby. Did you see the newborn stroller? It has a storage option at the bottom. 

Whatever, all these baby items are made with comfortable ingredients. Compared with a baby carrier, the baby gets the body temperature from you in a baby carrier. However, the comparatively-baby stroller is much more comfortable for the baby. Your baby will remain cool in the stroller. Also when the stroller will move, it will act like a cradle for the baby.


Carrying the baby on your body is not good for a long time. Both you and your baby may get irritated after a such long carry. Stroller helps your baby to become mobile despite your newborn being unable to walk or run on its own feet. So the matter is, you don’t have to continuously assist your baby with your two hands, but he or she will move with you.

Different types of strollers for newborns

Different types of strollers for newborns

You cannot use a stroller that is not designed for the newborn. That means infants or newborn needs a stroller that can hold the baby in a flat lying position. A baby stroller that features a deep recline/bassinet is appropriate for infants. As the alternates, many users add an infant car seat inside the baby stroller.

There are different Stroller types for newborns- the most important of these are-From the below list you will know which stroller is for infants, and which one is not!

Umbrella stroller

Interestingly Umbrella stroller is not for infants or newborns. This stroller can hold a baby which has more than 6 months. So avoid this stroller if your baby is under 6 months. Once your baby learns how to sit unassisted, you can use this stroller.

Lightweight stroller

Lightweight baby strollers usually weigh between 10 to 15 pounds. Though lightweight baby strollers are seems too good for infant carrying, practically it is not. Many safety features like, recline option/car seat compatibility/sturdy wheels are not present in this stroller. So all lightweight baby strollers are not perfect for newborn babies. 

Jogging stroller

A jogging stroller is also perfect for the baby with ages more than 6 months. As below six months no baby can hold their head or neck up, therefore Jogging stroller is not perfect for a newborn baby.

Car Seat Stroller

At least you have come to the perfect place. The car seat stroller is the perfect Infant stroller that can hold the baby for less than 3 months. Especially these can fully recline, therefore your baby can sleep in the nap position on the fully reclined flat stroller inside. 

Convertible Stroller

Convertible Stroller for a newborn is very popular nowadays. These baby strollers can hold the baby from just after birth to their toddler stages. You can change such a single-baby stroller to a double stroller.

Travel system stroller

A travel system stroller offers you safe travel with your newborn. And the most important matter is, these strollers offer you a simple and quick baby-keeping solution when you are traveling. If you are a traveler and don’t want to miss your chance despite you have a newborn-choose a travel system stroller with you!

There is some other baby stroller like All-in-one Travel System: Combination Stroller, Car Seat Carrier Stroller, Double Stroller, etc. So if you want to make you master all types of baby strollers, please know about these.

Key features to look for in a newborn stroller

Key features to look for in a newborn stroller

A perfect stroller slowly makes the difference to make your life easy and convenient with your newborn baby. Whether you are on the walking vibe or you are in the shopping mall, a perfect baby stroller not only will take care of your baby. Also, it will ensure you are comfortable with your baby’s keeping inside there! Look at the below parameter so that you can suit with the best. Bellows’ factors are to keep your baby safe and comfortable inside the stroller. 

Recline position

A reclined baby stroller offers your baby to lie fully flat if they fell asleep. Just like napping in the baby cot! Especially a bassinet style stroller is such a kind, your baby can comfortably sleep in a flat position. So try to choose a fully reclined stroller. 

Harness and safety features

Of course both these are crucial concerns and features needed for the newborn stroller. See the safety belts, harnesses, and other safety parents on the stroller. One thing to keep on your mind-a newborn stroller is supposed to be safer than to be more comfortable! Don’t miss the adjustable canopies. These will protect your baby from sunlight, rain or wind, or other rough environments. Recently many strollers come with ventilated or clear windows. This is because the parents can supervise the baby more clearly.

Suspension system

It’s to move the stroller up and down, arms to arms swing, and also wheel to wheel swing. The baby stroller features a suspension spring or a pneumatic tire, which protects the baby from bumps (which may be caused by the stroller’s ups and downs on an uneven place).

Storage and basket

This portion is not for the baby’s safety or comfort. Usually, t is for you! Don’t understand? Strollers with huge spaces that are with storage and basket offer you to keep your baby’s accessories while your baby is on the ride. Also while you are shopping, can keep the shopping things inside this storage space.

Stroller safety for newborns

Never leaves your little kiddos just as it is! Check all safety features before you keep your newborn inside the stroller chamber. Check the safety belt and the safety harness. Many new moms are trends to use a pillow or a thick blanket under the baby’s body inside the stroller. Don’t do this.

Also if there is more space inside the baby, use a rolled blanket or roll pillow on both sides of your baby. If the stroller with 5 points safety points, check all those (that is, straps over shoulders/hips/ legs).

Car seat compatibility

Check whether your baby’s stroller is car seat compatible or not! If it is not car seat compatible, you have to use a car seat adapter to palace the car seat inside the baby stroller. A car seat is needed inside the stroller so that your baby can seat inside the stroller and can get enough firmness on the ride. However, two types of car seats you can use for your newborn- rear-facing infant car seats, and convertible car seats. 

Proper usage guidelines

Especially the newbie mom or dads need it. Also if the stroller brand is new, and comes with a different mechanism-the user guideline is a must. Before you keep your baby in any stroller, read the user manual. And know every safety portion, how to operate it, and how to clean and maintain it all in detail.

Regular maintenance and checkups

You can’t take any second chance for your baby! And as safety ensures is the first thing for your baby, Therefore you should regularly take care of your baby stroller. Clean all baby accessories on time. Keep the baby stroller in direct sunlight at least once each week. It will help to stop mold formation inside the baby stroller. 

Before you keep the baby inside it, check all the safety features very well. Any type of loose connection or any type of torn portion means you have to avoid the stroller to ride your baby. Just do not consider anything related to Stroller safety. 


Should you put a newborn in a stroller?

If you want, you can easily put your newborn in a stroller. Using the baby stroller of course offers you and your baby a very comfortable time passing. However, still using it is not mandatory.

Can you put a 2 week old in a stroller?

My suggestion is no! Never dare to do this. Though some stroller manufacturer says that you can keep your kids just after birth inside the stroller, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says no about it. According to this academy, you should not keep your baby inside the stroller before 4 months ages.


Nothing is more precise to you than your baby. Your baby is such a heavenly gift for you- you, therefore, want to give extreme comfort, extreme security, and the best of everything to your baby. 

A newborn stroller is such a nice gift, which not only helps you to explore your world. Also, it gonna help your baby to enjoy a safe ride with your shopping or with your morning walk. 

Yes, you become a mom! That doesn’t mean you have to mess up everything to hold your baby! Just be a little bit tricky and technical. You can be a caring mom and also can be an important you! Remember one thing, you not only are essential to your baby, but you are also very important to yourself!

So, that’s all on do you need a stroller for a newborn or not! Hope this session gonna rock your baby accessories choose just in a while. 

Thank you!


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