How to Hang Stroller in Garage

How to Hang Stroller in Garage Step By Step Guide

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One of the biggest challenges as a parent is finding enough space to store all baby gear. It can quickly become overwhelming, from toys to strollers, especially if you have limited storage space. Strollers, in particular, can take up a lot of floor space, making it difficult to manoeuvre around the garage. This is where hanging your stroller can come in handy.

Hanging your stroller in the garage frees up valuable floor space and keeps your stroller off the ground, protecting it from damage or dirt. However, doing it safely and securely is important to avoid accidents.

In this guide, we’ll provide some tips and tricks on safely hanging your stroller in the garage, so you can maximize your storage space while keeping your stroller safe and secure.

How to Hang Stroller in Garage

How to Hang Stroller in Garage Step-By-Step Guide

1. Gather the necessary supplies: wall anchors, screws or bolts, hammer or drill and a hanger specifically designed for strollers.

2. Measure the size of your stroller to determine which type of hanger you need to purchase. Look for ones that are adjustable so they will fit any size stroller. 

3. Locate an area on your garage wall where you want to hang the stroller and ensure it is away from heat sources, such as radiators and other appliances, so it is not damaged by excessive heat exposure in the garage environment.

4. Mark two spots with a pencil onto the wall where you plan to place your anchors and fasten them into place using either screws or bolts, depending on what was included with your particular anchor kit (most kits come with both). Make sure they are secure before proceeding further! 

5. Place the hanger onto one of these anchors and tighten all nuts/bolts if applicable until it feels secure in its spot – this will prevent any movement while hanging a heavy item like a stroller off of it!

6. Hang up your stroller, ensuring all straps are secured tightly around both handles before letting go completely; then adjust the height according to preference based on how far down from the ceiling level you would like it positioned (keeping safety concerns in mind when doing this).

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How to Hang Uppababy Stroller

How to Hang Uppababy Stroller

Hanging up your Uppababy stroller is a great way to save space in your home. To hang it, you will need an over-the-door hook or wall hook that can support the stroller’s weight and hold it securely. Once you have the hook installed, you must attach one side of the stroller handlebar to the hook with a carabiner clip. 

Make sure it’s tight and secure before leaving it hanging, as any sudden shifts could cause damage to either your door frame or stroller.

How Do You Store a Stroller in a Suv?

When it comes to storing a stroller in an SUV, there are a few different options. The most common way is to use straps or bungee cords to secure the stroller in the cargo area of your vehicle. If you have room between the seats, you can fold down one of them and store the stroller. 

Additionally, if your SUV has roof racks, you can attach a specialized bike rack designed for carrying strollers on top of your car. This option provides extra space inside and keeps your gear out of the elements while allowing easy access when needed.

Frequently Asked Question

What hooks or hangers should I use to hang my stroller in the garage?

It’s important to use sturdy hooks or hangers with a weight capacity that can support the weight of your stroller. Look for hooks made of durable materials like steel or aluminium, and check the weight capacity to ensure it can hold the weight of your stroller.

How high should I hang my stroller in the garage?

It’s best to hang your stroller high enough, so it doesn’t interfere with any other items in your garage but low enough so you can easily access it. A good rule of thumb is to hang it at least 6-8 inches off the ground and high enough not to touch the ground or any other items.

Can I hang any stroller in the garage?

Most strollers can be hung in the garage, but it’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure safety. Some strollers may have specific instructions for hanging, so following those guidelines is best to prevent damage or accidents.

Additionally, you may need stronger hooks or hangers to support the weight if you have a particularly heavy or bulky stroller.


To recap, hanging your stroller in the garage is a great way to free up floor space and keep your stroller safe and secure. Following these simple tips, you can ensure your stroller is hung safely and won’t fall or get damaged. 

The benefits of hanging your stroller in the garage are numerous. Not only will it save you valuable floor space, but it will also help protect your stroller from damage or dirt. In conclusion, hanging your stroller in the garage is a simple and effective way to maximize your storage space and keep your stroller safe and secure.

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