What are the Benefits of a Jogging Stroller? Fitness Guide

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What are the Benefits of a Jogging Stroller

The question, “What are the benefits of a jogging stroller?” is a common one. Jogging strollers offer many benefits for both the parent and the child. For parents, jogging strollers provide a great way to get exercise while spending time with their children. Jogging strollers also allow parents to multi-task by being able to push their children in the stroller while they jog. For children, jogging strollers provide a smooth ride and can help them to fall asleep.

A jogging stroller can be a great investment for parents who want to get some exercise while pushing their children around. Jogging strollers typically have large, sturdy wheels that make it easy to navigate over rough terrain, and many come with built-in suspension systems that help reduce the impact of bumps and shocks.

They’re also lightweight and compact enough to fit easily into most car trunks, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re a new parent who’s just starting to get back into shape or an experienced runner looking for a way to keep your kid in tow, a jogging stroller can be a valuable addition to your workout routine.

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Benefits of Running with a Stroller:

Benefits of Running with a Stroller

Cardiovascular benefits:

Running is great for your heart health, and pushing a stroller while you run gives you an extra cardiovascular workout. According to the American Heart Association, running with a stroller can help improve your heart health by:

-increasing your heart rate
-lowering your blood pressure
-reducing your risk of heart disease

Benefits for baby:

Pushing a stroller while you run also provides benefits for your baby. According to the website, Baby Center, these benefits include:

Give your baby some fresh air: Spending time outdoors is good for both you and your baby. Getting some fresh air can help your baby sleep better and may improve his or her mood.
Strengthen your baby’s bones: Pushing a stroller while you run gives your baby a chance to move his or her arms and legs. This movement can help your baby develop strong bones and muscles.

Increased calorie burn:

Running with a stroller can help you burn more calories than running without one. According to the website, Shape, pushing a stroller while you run can help you burn up to 5 percent more calories than running without a stroller.

Easier to stick with a running routine:

It can be difficult to find time to go for a run, especially if you have a young child. Having a jogging stroller can make it easier to stick with a running routine because you can bring your child with you.

Quality time with baby:

Running with a stroller gives you a chance to spend quality time with your child. You can talk to your child as you run, and he or she can watch the world go by. This quality time is good for your relationship with your child.

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How many calories can you burn by running with a stroller?

Benefits of Running with a Stroller

You can burn up to an extra 200 calories per hour by running with a stroller. This means that if you normally burn 500 calories per hour when you jog, you can burn up to 700 calories per hour by adding a stroller into the mix. This extra calorie burn can help you lose weight or maintain your weight loss. Running a stroller also gives you the ability to multi-task, which can help you save time.

In addition to burning more calories, running with a stroller also provides several benefits for your child. Being in a stroller while you jog can help your child get used to being outdoors and can also help them develop a love for exercise. Additionally, being in a stroller gives your child the chance to see the world around them and can help stimulate their mind.


If you’re looking for an easy way to get in shape, a jogging stroller can be a great investment. Jogging with your child is a fun and healthy way to spend time together, and it can also help improve your child’s physical fitness. Not sure if a jogging stroller is right for you? Check out our list of the best jogging strollers in 2022 for some helpful tips on choosing the right one. We hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you make the most informed decision about whether or not to buy a jogging stroller.


Is running with a jogging stroller harder?

Jogging strollers are designed to make it easier to run with your child, not harder. The stroller should be lightweight and have large wheels that make it easy to push and maneuver.

Does my child need to be a certain age to ride in a jogging stroller?

Most jogging strollers are designed for children who are at least 6 months old and can sit up unassisted. However, there are some jogging strollers on the market that are designed for newborns.

How fast can I go with a jogging stroller?

How fast you can go with a jogging stroller depends on the type of stroller you have and your child’s age and weight. Some strollers have a maximum speed of 5 mph, while others can go up to 10 mph.

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