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The Exact Answer is Here: Who Invented Doona Stroller?

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The Doona Stroller is a popular baby product that has taken the parenting world by storm in recent years. This innovative stroller is unique because it can be converted into a car seat with just a few simple steps, making it a convenient and versatile option for parents on the go. But have you ever wondered who invented the Doona Stroller?

The Doona Stroller was invented by an Israeli company called Simple Parenting. It was designed to address parents’ common problem when travelling with young children – the need for a car seat and a stroller. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the history of the Doona Stroller, including its inventor and who designed the doona stroller. Let’s dive into it.

Who Invented Doona Stroller?

The Doona stroller was invented by Jonathan and Sharon Kunis, a couple with two young children in their family. They were looking for an easier way to transport their children while on the go. After months of hard work and research, they developed a revolutionary product: the world’s first infant car seat that transforms into a stroller. 

It has several features like integrated wheels, one-touch brakes, adjustable handlebars and more, making it easy to use and convenient for parents on the move! The invention of this innovative product has helped countless families around the globe enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle when taking their little ones out for walks or errands.

The Doona stroller is a revolutionary invention that has changed how parents transport their babies. Shirel Reznik and Yoni Kaisari invented it in 2014 to provide an all-in-one solution for parents to move their little ones around safely and comfortably. 

Its unique design lets parents quickly switch from moving their baby in a car seat to taking them out on foot without worrying about multiple components or bulky equipment. 

What Company Owns Doona?

What Company Owns Doona?

Doona is a brand that designs, manufactures and sells infant car seats with integrated strollers. The company was founded in 2011 by Yoni and Amir Shashua in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is owned by Simple Parenting Ltd., which acquired the brand from Cybex International GmbH in 2017. 

Since then, Doona has expanded its product line to include accessories such as extra bases for additional vehicles, travel bags, mosquito nets and more. In addition to selling products online directly through its website and select retail partners worldwide, the company also produces content on YouTube featuring safety tips and product demonstrations.

Who Designed Doona Stroller?

Who Designed Doona Stroller?

The Doona stroller was designed by the Israeli company Simple Parenting in 2012. Founded by two parents, Yoav Mazar and Amir Zohar, Simple Parenting set out to create innovative products that make life with children easier. The main idea behind the Doona was to combine a car seat and a stroller into one product – something that had not been done before. 

To achieve this, they turned to top designers from Italy who used their expertise in automotive safety and fashion design for inspiration. Together, they created the iconic Doona, an award-winning innovative solution known as ‘the world’s first infant car seat with integrated wheels’.

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Opening and Folding the Doona Car seat/stroller

Frequently Asked Question

Is Doona an Israeli Company?

Yes, Doona is an Israeli company founded by Jonathan and Yoav Shaaltiel in 2011. The two brothers set out to create a revolutionary product that would allow parents to easily transition their child’s car seat into a stroller without having to buy separate products for each task.

They developed the prototype of the Doona car seat/stroller hybrid in Israel before launching their design worldwide.

What Country is Doona Made in?

Doona is a revolutionary infant car seat made by the Israeli company Dorel Juvenile. Founded in 2008, the company has become one of the leading names in child safety and transportation products worldwide.

With offices across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, Doona’s innovative car seats are available to customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the Doona Stroller has become a game-changing product for parents, thanks to its unique design that combines a car seat and a stroller. Simple Parenting, the Israeli company behind the invention of the Doona Stroller, has created a product that has transformed how parents travel with their children. 

The benefits of the Doona Stroller are numerous. It eliminates the need for a separate car seat and stroller, making it a more economical and space-saving option for parents. It’s also easy to use, with a simple conversion process that can be done in seconds. If you’re a parent looking for a versatile and space-saving option, the Doona Stroller is worth considering.


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